Advanced Trailer Concepts


“Camille Terk wrote a business plan for us…actually she did much more. She accurately assessed all financials for our young business. She did market research that was complete.

We had hired other professionals in the past — and Camille was head and shoulders above. Her work needed little (if any) re-writing (an issue I had in the past).

As stated above, her market research and business plan plotted a course that we have already begun to follow. Her accuracy gave our investor’s confidence in our ability to plan for the future. Her projections are not pie in the sky,” but still are attractive — that’s a fine line.

I have no negatives to tell. Her service was 100%. The only mistake you could make is NOT hiring Camille and Terk Consulting.”

Mitigation Banking Company


“Terk Consulting is an excellent business planning company. Camille Terk has written business plans for several of my Louisiana companies. Her wetland mitigation business plans helped my company raise several rounds of funding necessary for growth. Today, our wetland mitigation banking company is thriving thanks to Terk Consulting’s business planning assistance. I often recommend Terk Consulting business planners to other companies in Louisiana. They provide detailed, robust business plans that present well to investors. Camille really pays attention to the details and it shows.”



“Terk Consulting managed to pull four years of work out of me and put it into a fantastic business plan. Camille helped me formulate my ideas and dreams and put them into a digestible format. She has a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable and able to free flow ideas. Camille was very dedicated to making a fantastic product for us. With Terk Consulting’s business plan, LearnToLive secured $150,000 in operational funding. I highly recommend Terk Consulting and look forward to working with Camille again!”

WRC of New Orleans


“This proposal has taken my breath away! Wow! You have really put my heart on paper. This proposal says exactly what I’m thinking and feeling. Thank you!”



“I have used Terk Consulting on a number of projects and was always impressed with Camille Terk’s skill set, diligence and focus. She worked with us to understand the project in its entirety and delivered exactly what we needed. She brought a spirit of innovation to our projects which exceeded our expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and will use her again on upcoming projects.”

Regnum Christi North America


“Working with Camille to create our business plan was pure joy! She understood quickly what we needed and came right on board to help us track down important data that was needed. Definitely my go-to person when I need to get a business plan done!”



“I recently had the pleasure of working with Terk Consulting on my business plan. After researching a few firms, I came to the conclusion that I would receive the personal attention and time needed to write a comprehensive business plan from Camille, and how right I was.

Camille took the time needed to understand me, my unique business and special needs and what I was trying to achieve. She made me feel like I was the only client who mattered.

Her attention to detail, her patience and her thoroughness are unrivaled and were very much appreciated. What’s more, she has a very calm demeanor and a steadfastness in her approach to building a business plan. Most importantly, however, Camille can be counted on to deliver as promised. She met every deadline and was very prompt with every appointment. It is evident that Camille works diligently to provide the best final product possible.

I have already recommended Camille to others, and would have no hesitation in highly recommending Terk Consulting to anyone who needs a quality, high-impact business plan and a firm that takes the time necessary to provide that.

Thank you again for a fantastic job on my Business Plan. I am impressed with your hard work and attention to detail.”

Savoy Gifts


“I want to thank you and Terk Consulting for the OUTSTANDING work you all have done to put our business plan together and get us on track. Without Terk Consulting the expansion of our company would not have been possible. Due to your detailed business plan, Savoy Gifts was able to approach investors with your business plan and acquire the funding needed for the expansion of the second store.

Again, I would like to thank you for your help and ‘hand holding’ thru the process. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.”



“As a start-up company, I knew the importance of having a thorough and well written business plan. In my search for a company that would be able to write my business plan, I was fortunate to find Camille Terk of Terk Consulting. Camille is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The business plan that Camille wrote was engaging, informative and well detailed. One of our investors called it an “excellent business plan.” I would highly recommend Camille to anyone who is serious about finding funding for their project/business.”

Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors


“My firm has worked with Terk Consulting on a number of projects for various portfolio companies.  We’ve used the business plans to help guide young companies towards their goals and others to facilitate large funding deals.  Camille’s talent in this area is impressive and the work product is outstanding.“

Cherry On Top


“Working with Terk Consulting was the smartest business decision I’ve made thus far. The services provided were completely thorough, efficient and expeditious. Camille did the research I needed while providing valuable insights that helped guide me to a solid business plan that has far exceeded all of my mine and my associates expectations. It will serve as the backbone of my business’ development and growth.”

Live Brand U


“Camille is an amazing consultant with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Her drive and determination result in solutions to complex problems.”



“Terk Consulting helped create a powerful, high impact pitch deck for presentation to venture capital investors. We used the information from the business plan to tell a concise, streamlined story about the company. It reads well to investors.”